Author Topic: So you're the guys responsible for the end of the world ;) Have a free game.  (Read 1192 times)

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When all of humanity is in chains and forced to bow before our robot overlords, I hope you guys will at least admit that you made a mistake and maybe shouldn't have given them superior intelligence and cunning ;)

My name's Jason, and I work for Pyntail. We just released an iPhone game called 'Babes vs Robots'. Robots have taken over Earth, and you play as a babe in high heels who carries a rocket launcher and a bunch of other explosives. Your job is to blow those robots up and free humanity.

You guys have a soft spot for 'bots, so I want to give you a chance to make your case why robots are not the pure embodiment of evil. Go to our Facebook page, and leave a comment on our wall post that has a picture of a red toy robot. (I think you'll have to 'Like' the page to do it) Put that you're from the Society of Robots, and then give an example of why robots are actually good.

First 5 people to do it will get a free copy of the game :)

Hint: Our audience is very much the general public, not robot enthusiasts. So a post like 'I'm from the Society of Robots, and robots are great! Without R2-D2, Luke never would have escaped from Jabba the Hutt' will go over better than something technical.

Sound like fun?

Here's a link to the Facebook page:

And to the game on iTunes

Babes vs Robots is the perfect way to chill out and blow off some steam when you're frustrated cause the gosh darn adruino just won't interface with the spindle servo. (I'm about 99% sure that last part is completely meaningless babble).

Here's the red toy robot that will be in the post:

And here are some shots from the game:

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Looks and sounds pretty retarded and doesn't seem to be the same quality of the iphone games I do have, Looks like something you would see at Newgrounds (flash games made by kids), if you want my honest opinion.  

I will be adding Pyntail to all of the spam reporting companies, thanks for sharing :)

Also games that require you buy the levels after buying the game are a scam.

So what have we learned? Pyntail is a company that sends spam and participates in scams.
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Ha, ouch, really? You don't have to participate if it's not your thing. But we're just offering a the game free to some robot enthusiasts.

And the game is sold with levels in packs of 21, each pack is 99c. That's hardly a scam.

The offer still stands, in case any of you want to have some fun.


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