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University Project (Help)
« on: October 20, 2011, 07:05:21 PM »
Hey there guys.

I'm new to this forum and it's shall be one of many posts. I liked the idea of building robots since a young age but never had support or outside knowledge to get me started, even though I have broken many toys to get the DC Motors and play around with them.

Fast forward, about 18 years later. Final year mechanical engineering degree. Today, our group has being assigned to build the end-face of this particular robot, assemble it and programme it in order to do 'precision' tasks. In other words, picking up an egg from x to y and so on fourth. We have until December to build a preliminary report and have the finished robot and present it during may next year.

I'm really excited but I must say, I feel this a lot of pressure added on top of my educational work I have to do but I'm ever excited.

Luckly, it's a group of 6 so hopefully, we shall overcome problems in a much quicker manner with more than a person's understanding.

Mechanical/Design - Have it covered :)
Electrical & Programming - Problem :(

The robot being used is Arexx Engineering Robotic Arm Pro (RA1-Pro). Documentation don't help because they are mostly in German.

I have little understanding for electrical & programming side of things and I would like to have a good understanding in order to be successful in this project and maybe even continue on solo. It's using ATMEGA64 8-BIT Microcontroller with 6 Servos and Variable I/O input and outputs & USB Controller being used is FTDI FT232RL with a 74HC4051 - 8 analog multiplexer/demultiplexer.

Where do I go about understanding the basics of electrical & programming? Books for recommendation?

I shall use this forum topic I have started as a blog as my group continue with this project.

Thank you for reading guys & sorry for the essays :)

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Re: University Project (Help)
« Reply #1 on: October 21, 2011, 01:01:34 AM »
Where do I go about understanding the basics of electrical & programming? Books for recommendation?
You can look at different tutorials in the net extracting information required for Your project. Starting with The $50 Robot tutorial should give You very good clue about electronics and programing.
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