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I learned from that program in this forums and I must say it's great as a robotics CAD because it's very easy to use (well... not THAT easy but compared to AutoCAD it's a child's play).

Here is a picture of my first design. It's missing a lot of details and proportions aren't accurate but I made it in half an hour.

Nice. I have been thinking about downloading that, and now I see that it really can be used well. Also, great design so far!

I got the pro version for free (shhhhh illegally) look for the keygen on torrentportal

hey Brendon,
not a great idea to admit that on the internet.
you never know when someone from Google might be listening....


I don't really care who listens, just as long as they don't have real proof, and I was merely pointing out a way to get some nice software at a very reduced price


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