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Auction sales/requests/swap offers
« on: November 02, 2011, 06:01:45 PM »

I did find a post about a demand for swap offer shop. That's why I post here following:

Christmass is coming and I would like to share an interesting website with you I did found for for everyone.

AuctionRobotics.com or shortly aucrob.com
Made for DIY - USED - NEW items used in robotics.
site lunched on 01 Nov 2011

I did create this auction site after realising that I have several valuable robotics items under the table, in the corner here and there in several boxes. This almost since two years which I have never used in my projects. I was willing to! :-)
I could sell them all on ebay, but it didn't seems to me good idea. There are too many items and I was wondering if people would find my items as they are quite specific. I decided then to invest money to the site contrary to earn some by selling.

1) Auctions to sell
2) Auctions to buy - reverse auctions
3) Swap offers
4) Stores - user stores possibility to sell your items
5) Custom Support Forum for the auction site
Auction listing and stores are free of charge unless you decide personally to pay some fees.
It is mainly designated to users willing sell used robotics items, homemade robots, toys, but also new products.

Now, there are my own items in store for auction now. You can select the auction time from 1day to custom defined date and time.
You can insert your junk and post a link to it elsewhere to inform about your sales.

I would like to invite you to have a look at the site. You can buy and sell sell items you don't need. You can get some extra money to invest elsewhere. You can sell your creations. Nothing more need to be said. That's it. If you like it, tell to others, it you don't, please tell it to me. Or just click on "I Like" button for facebook ;-)

What do you think about it? Let me know.

Looking forward to see you there,
Petr and our team
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