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how EXACTLY do i program stuff?

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 :o OK, I am totally new to robotics. I am in 7th grade, and want to build one for a science project. What is a very easy but effective way to program a simple robot to just navigate around stuff? Any tips at all appreciated, I am begging. Thanks for any info you can give!!!

The easiest way to program a robot is to buy a kit  :P

A decent kit would be under $100 . . .

Your other post said you were poor . . . but if you want easy you have to spend money.

The next easiest way is to not program at all, but but instead make a BEAM robot. Basically its hardwired circuitry. Search online, as many people post schematics.

here is an example:

ok, thanks but the point of my project is to program an AI myself. is there a computer program u hook up to the microcontroller or something? sorry if my questions seem obvious, but im supa new to this. i came to this site to avoid buyin a kit. i just want to let it know to turn around obstacles . i meant easy as in the easiest way to do this from scratch.  :D

There is no 'easy way' to do it from scratch. No matter what you will have to spend money.

Check out this tutorial, it should help you understand the basics much better . . .

You should ask yourself how much from scratch should it be . . . a kit, or buying major parts seperately, designing your own parts, or making your circuits out of lemons and paperclips . . . The experts tend to buy parts and assemble them into a robot, and rarely actually design the parts themselves. For example, why spend weeks to build a motor driver when you can buy one for $15?

i guess buyin the parts separately. ok ill check dat out. the tutorial , i mean.


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