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Communicating mobile robots for automatic navigation and control
« on: November 15, 2011, 08:34:18 AM »
Hello Everybody,

I just joined this exciting Robot Forum and must say that Its a great place to be at. I am a Grad student in Electronics Engineering and for the Advanced Project Course, we are assigned the project named as Communicating mobile robots for automatic navigation and control.

The main task is to build a couple of simple wheeled guide robots able to communicate and coordinate their motions by planning paths and controlling their motors while avoiding collisions with stationary objects and people. The mobile robots will be designed to move autonomously in the designated area to demonstrate hi-tech autonomous behaviours.

So I would like you guys to help me out with the basics.....The Robot would roughly be of human size.....like 1 meters or 1.5 meters....We have never actually designed a robot because we are the electronics guys and its the first time so we are just blank at the moment...I hope you can point us in the right direction....:Like what part to design first...Like the part that has to do the movement or some other part....It can also have voice recognition module or LCD module....What kind of microcontroller would u suggest and the two robots have to communicate with each other....so what kind of microcontroller is best suited for this purpose and what motors would u suggest for this size and weight....we need to order components and any help for this would be highly appreciated...if somebody can break down the whole process for us....and also what abt the physical design...what software wud be the best to design the RObot and the mechanics behind......I would like all of you to contribute with whatever knowledge you have...Thanks in advance

Best Regards,



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