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major forum upgrade today

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Will miss the old unique look :P

To nag with a request: can we get something at the top of the forum pages that takes us to the main SoR website (e.g. like the old forum had the "logo" at the top)?

Gertlex, yeap definitely.

At the moment however I'm just trying to get the darn anti-spammer defenses working again . . . so many things are broken now :-\

Looks good so far, Admin :)

Hopefully the little annoyances/breaks won't be too much trouble to fix up ;)

In the last hour I had to reinstall the forum *again*. But it appears all the basic stuff is now working (most importantly the anti-spammer defenses).

If you see any major bugs, report it here. Over the next few days I'm going to be fixing the look of the forum.

fyi, the SoR Chat is still not working properly grumble grumble . . .

It might take a week before things are back to 'normal'.

I may be missing it somewhere, but where is the mark forum read, or mark messages read...



P.S. - I do think the new look is a bit cleaner.


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