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new SoR Robotics Calculators Android app

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For those of you with Android, this is for you.

It's still in alpha, with much of it not working yet, but feel free to give it a try.

If you guys think it has a lot of potential, I'll develop it further. Let me know! Oh, and if you have any recommendations for additional calculators that you consider a must-have, let me know as well.

I keep getting "There is a problem parsing the package". For what version of Android was this written for? I got 2.1.

Also, since I can't see what the app consists off, I would recommend you include a basic "transistor as switch" calculator, and an LED resistor calculator would be a must.

hmmmmm I wrote it for Android 4.0 . . . considering most of the phones are still on 2.0, I guess I overlooked that . . . oops . . . I'll look into that now.

Ok, try the file called sor_robotics_calculators_back_compatible.apk

I'm not entirely sure if it will work, so let me know . . .

I still get a parsing problem... Maybe it's just me. Anyone tried it yet?


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