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NAO robot in home life


NAO robot is 58cm hign humanoid robot,NAO has 25 DOF , more than one hundred sensors and 4HD cameras.
NAO is a clever guy,he can  listen ,see, and feel the world. NAO can dance and tell a story.
Until now ,NAO can apply not only in scientific research but also home life.
NAO robot into developers program - תוכנית מפתחים עבור הרובוט נאו

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They are sooo cool! If I only had over $10,000 to afford it :'(


--- Quote from: CDUNN on January 01, 2012, 04:35:27 PM ---They are sooo cool! If I only had over $10,000 to afford it :'(

--- End quote ---

Actually, it is much cheaper than that if you go through the Nao Developer Program. It is still in the thousands though.

Here are 2 videos of projects by developers. First one is awesome, second is my first little app...

Nao tele-grooming a cat

And my first little behavior is about recognizing someone and giving him/her a present:

Nao offers me a flower
Useful on Valentines Days, Birthdays and all...

That cat is really calm, usually they are more sensitive than that, but of course we can also say NAO is very gentle, right?
In second video, I bet NAO was too shy to take action before she offered the flower  ;D


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