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I am a beginner in robotics and I need more advices

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Hi everybody,

First, I am a new member in this forum. I hope this forum will be helpful for me, especially when I struggle to fulfill my dreams in robotics.

I like the field of robotics so much and I strongly wish I can fulfill my dreams of building robotic projects.

 I am a beginner in robotics and I try my best to be able to make projects in this field. I try to read about robotics, download more and more books about robotics and google for tutorials, electronic components, and kits.

Besides, I need who I can consult and who can provide me some advices.

Is there any expert in this field (robotics) to provide me some advices to dig my way in robotics?

* I want to know how to get started.
* I want to know which type of microcontroller kit I will need.
But with being informed that I have some knowledge and skills in the following fields:

* Programming (with Java, c++, c#).
* Electronics (some components like resistors, capacitors, and others, how to solder and desolder them in a board, how to make a PCB).
* Math.
* Physics.
Hopefully, I am waiting for your advices.

well for microcontrollers you can choose what is in your price range 2 good microcontrollers are the axon and arduino series. as for programming c/c++ are generally good all purpose languages and are good to learn however if you get a arduino they have a custom language that is easy to learn. (also read every tutorial on this website XD)  (The Arduino's IDE language is based off of c)


--- Quote from: harpo on January 06, 2012, 04:08:21 PM --- if you get a arduino they have a custom language that is easy to learn

--- End quote ---
:o What? The arduino guys invented C++ !


--- Quote ---What? The arduino guys invented C++ !
--- End quote ---
I'm assuming that was sarcasm  :)
The Arduino IDE uses a modified version of Wiring, not C++, but something similar.

Actually, the Arduino IDE uses GCC, which is a full C++ compiler. The IDE makes some small re-writes of your "sketch" to add prototypes and includes, but that's small potatoes assuming you already know how to program in C/C++ normally.

The best way to get started is probably the $50 robot tutorial on this site.


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