Author Topic: Coop-working to create a clever robotic mind.  (Read 1006 times)

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Coop-working to create a clever robotic mind.
« on: February 07, 2012, 10:15:17 AM »

I am starting a project where Me and other people would create an robotic mind.. together.
The goal is to work a lot faster and solve problems together. The project would be strictly computoretic at first.
That means that the robot shell could be any computor. Therefor it would be more like a program than a "robot-with-body".

Instead of walking around in the reality the robot would search the web/computor for new imputs.
That could be a text that it reads, and "understands" or recognising a picture with a specific or several words.
The more we work the smarter it (the program) would get. Later on we could use sound, and even later video
and make it recognize objects or read text. Im looking to make it "all-round" and therefore need several bright minds
to use their different talants to ONE greater.

Everyone that are interested: Contact me and we will discuss this further.
I have done these kind of projects before (all though not the same topic)
The most recent project is a flash program/game with several people working together.

We could display the "on-going-product" on a website.
(I can garantuee a high positioning in google, cuz i own a seo-company)


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