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Help For buiding a robot.: URGENT


Hi Ppl .. I'm a bout to build a robot for a contest.
I have given the link of the problem statement here .

Can anyone help me with  traversing  thru a curved  bridge .

Pls help .

very easy.... just think of a line follower, make it go forward until it finds the hole and make it follow the border until it turns left or right and then go forward again.

Thanks mate . . But this will b my first robot . i haven't done a line follower yet .

Ur suggestion can get me thru the bridge .But how to find the bridge . surely it can't b done by a trial and error method ??

i should some how make it sense the pit and move along the border of the pit till it  finds a bridge . There r also obstacles blocking the way.

You will have to design an algorithm but on the power side, use something with enough power and traction.

I recommend either a tamiya twin motor gearbox with compatible wheels or a 2 continuous rotation servo diferential drive as engine.

For sensors, use something like a line follower but 1 front, and 2 on front corners so it can follow the canyon border.

For sensing rocks use whisker sensors or ultrasonic range finder (I think whisker will be better for this task.)

The rest is just algorithm (Think of all the cases that might happen like the robot running straight into the bridge, aiming left, right, etc)

Thanks pal .
I'll buzz u if i hv any doubts .


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