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Im new at robotics and need HELP.

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I have built 2 robots from kits and want to start building from scratch. But I have almost no knowledge on what parts do and how much they cost and I hate to have to do all that research. I want to talk to a real person and not just a book or web page.

I know I need to do research. But I've bought 2 books and am getting nowhere. I just wish there was a free online scource that told you everything. I read plenty of sites but I never really grasp any of it. Also another factor is cash. I have read dozens of sites that say Im going to need hundreds of dollars (normally 100 to 200) and I am really tight for money lately. I can buy mabye a third of the stuff they want me to and then what do I have. Half of a robot that can roll down a hill but I have to push it first.

a friend of mine built this as his first bot:
with the sort of money you are looking at it would be a good option.
the most expensive components would be the motors.
you have to but the guy's book for instrucions but it's suposed to be a good book.

good luck!


That does not look that bad but I've done a line following robot before. I'm looking to make a cheap robot then put in a microcontroler I got for free. Problem is I don't know how, where, and what I have to hook it up to. I'm afraid that even though I got a microcontroler I am going to have to buy crap loads of special parts or sensors. Kinda lacking on money.
P.S cant find any 6v MiNh batteries for this project.

what kind of microcontroller do you have?
some require expensive programmers and some don't.

as for sensors, start simple. bump sensors can be made from any push switch.



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