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ufo capture camera system
« on: May 10, 2012, 02:54:00 PM »

i live in a extreme active ufohotspot and have seen them 15 times around my house(believe it or not, but what do you know about the very large information about ufo's?)
i need some answers for the system i want to make and i have search almost 3 months for someone who have made something similar.
i want to have a full spectrum camera mounted on a pan/tilt head on my roof, triggerd by motion detection, there are 2 possibility's for trigger motion detection. 1: with software analyzing the video for moving objects if there's nothing to detect moving the pan/tilt head in a another angle to scan for motion(problem is that it's take too much time and option 2: several pir/ir motion detectors mounted on my roof detecting each his own detect angle and when detects move the pan/tilt head through the moving object fast, problem is how do i let work several sensors to see it as one area.
question i have is: how do i increase a motion detector to detect moving objects with a distance of max 500mtr???
question: how do i let work several motion sensors to detect a view of 180 degrees of the sky
i want to connect the camera and sensors with a micro controller to my mac mini(have also windows on my mac) and let it work with written software on my computer that looks like software i can buy in a store(ufo software does not exist)
after achieving this and test it for 6 months i want to add more sensors like: magnetic field detectors, and a SAR radar (DIY project canantenna radar MIT)
who wants to help me what i must do and buy because i'm a very newbie of micro controllers and writing software, maybe someone wants to write the soft ware for me $
i hope someone wants to help me because there is not one system to capture ufo's on the market

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Re: ufo capture camera system
« Reply #1 on: May 25, 2012, 12:32:50 PM »
I am curious, are UFOs little green men for you, or are they simply (as the name is defined) unidentified flying objects?

That question aside, I think (with my limited expertise and experience) you may be better served by some kind of image processing instead of the other sensors you mentioned. I think you could fairly gather up a computer with a high resolution video capture device and the OpenCV libraries to come up with a solution.

I would take a look at the python version of the API because python is fairly easy to learn.


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