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cpu water pump issues
« on: May 17, 2012, 07:02:01 PM »
Hello all,
A friend gave me a computer last week and it has a ton of goodies.  The coolest part is the water cooled cpu, it didnt work when i powered it up so im trying to see what wrong with it.  After some research, it is a "Titan TWC-A88/AB Robela Water Cooling ATX Case" and when powered the status lcd is displaying a fault with the pump.  After probing around with a multimeter the pump is getting power but nothing is not pumping.  It appears to be a 12v brushless motor (six wires so unipolar?), but the part im wondering is the yellow wire running along the power to the driver.  Im guessing it is a status line; I hooking up my oscilloscope to it and got garbage.  I also flushed the water system and found a ton of deposits and junk.  My theory is that the previous owner put tap water in the reservoir, the pump clogged up and burnt out the motor.

Ive attached a couple pictures it they help.

Think my elementory theory is correct?  Word on the net has it there is no replacement parts for this anymore, so think it is fixable?
Any thoughts would be awesome,


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