Author Topic: How many Movies, Animes, Cartoons, Books can you list that have a Robot in them?  (Read 1619 times)

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Hello there, I'm just curious how many Movies, Animes, Cartoons, and Books out there have a Robot in them because I want to see/read them all :3.

As for me I can think of...

Movies: Bicentennial Man, IRobot, Star Wars, Meet the Robinsons
Animes: Chobits, Android Kikaider the Animation, Eve no Jikan
Cartoons: My life as a Teenage Robot, Futurama, Whatever Happened to Robot Jones
Books: Chobits

I know theres lots more out there that I've seen I just can't think of the titles right now lol.

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Ah! That list can be endless  ::)

I think you can find the majority of them over here - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_fictional_robots_and_androids#Film
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