Author Topic: Carneggie Melon Graduate Robotics Program. Please Help me out robotic grads.  (Read 1743 times)

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So I am about to finish my Mechanical Engineering degree at Cal State Long Beach.  i have found that I really enjoy robotics after making the $50 robot and want to make it a career.  However, I am a complete noob.  I wanted to apply to Carneggie Melon's Robotics graduate program, although Cal Tech is closest to me because it seems like a more developed program.  Assuming I have only taken one basic electronics class and only know MATLAB code, what should be my next step before I even thinking of travelling to Pennsylvania and attempting to get into that program?  Obviously I cannot go in as a novice.  There are many prereqs I have to take I am sure in order to make efficient use of my time there and not begin in the undergraduate classes.  What should I learn on my own?  are there lectures online that can get me up to speed?

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I recently took an online course on You may want to check


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