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Tactile Pressure Sensor Node over CAN BUS Presentation


Hallo guys, I finally get to post another video after a long time.

The video is about my master thesis, and I am doing a presentation of my work so far. The video is long.... too long 1 hour long,
and it's for providing thought and question food. I don't go over details so much and there are many things to be explained, but
to do that I'll probably need a day long video, to explain step by step even the simplest line of code...
I'll try to document the whole thing one day, and probably gonna post also my master thesis.

So feel free to watch the various aspects of the video, tell me what you liked, what I should change, what I am doing wrong etc etc etc,
to be able to produce even better videos in the future.

Pressure Sensor Node over CAN BUS Presentation

Thanks in advance for your feed back!
My best regards,
Lefteris, Greece


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