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my homemade 4DOF robot arm featuring Offline programming


this was my graduation project

handling robotic arm
4 DOFs
electrical actuators (servo motors)
custom made offline programming

I had to make every component in this arm
from the servo drives to the programming software

some technical details:

1-servo systems
Motor type:DC brushed motors
feedback device "potentiometer"
driver controller "embedded AVR mega8 as a digital controller with 500 samples/sec"

2-custom made interface protocol inspired by the MODBUS industrial PLC protocol
the idea is that you present the drivers as memory pages for the controller where each byte represent a specific command or status

3- Pc interface media is RS232

4- offline programmer
language is visual basic 6
Directx 8 for the graphics

trajectory planning (ptp or motion through series of points )is supported

Now i leave you with the videos

offline programmer
custom made offline programming software for a homemade robotic arm

video of the real arm
4 dof robot arm offlline programming supported


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