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Controlling 18 or more servos using AVR 8-bit in software

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I think the link to that videos is this
    Self-Transforming Mobile Robot

   Thanks for your explanation. I know how that works actually but I was having difficulty going above 8 servos. I was also referring to Low-Jitter Multi-Channel Software PWM ( but RC servos require a 20 ms pulse and i was getting confused. So i thought i could post in the forum. But thank you so much for replying.


--- Quote from: Gertlex on September 18, 2012, 10:51:04 PM ---These boards have the advantage of taking care of supplying power to the servos (You wouldn't want to run 18 servos directly from an Axon, for example), and maintaining the PWM pulsing without taking up processing cycles on your MCU.

--- End quote ---
You can run 18 servos on an Axon, no problem. Unless of course they are all drawing 1 amp continuous, in which case you'd want to use a second parallel battery located far from the first on the same power bus. That divides the current to half.

WebbotLib uses software interrupts to pulse the servos so it takes almost no processing cycles to achieve.


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