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Axon windows 64bit loader????

How do i load software on my axon 2 using windows 7 64bit??

By using something like AVRstudio? :)

Well AVR studio 4 doesnt find the board as a programmer, and webbot creates a avr studio 4 file...

Also on the documentation they recommend using a hex loader, but it doesnt work on 64it

i tried converting the avr 4 project to 6 and it didnt work, i just get conversion errors

I work on 64x Windows 7 at home and use AVRstudio6, don't have any problems at all. In theory AVRstudio should be backwards compatible and work with older project files. In case it does not, You can simply create new project and just copy source code to it.

Regrading programmer, can You confirm that it works on other systems? Or has it been used now for the first time?

the axon 2 worked before and it works on windows 32 bit... Can you post ho you program it using avr studio?


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