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moving the robot arm toward a direction


Hi all,

I am trying to do some trajectory planning in task space. I want the robot arm to move in three modes. 1- to a specified point [x, y, z] in space (point to point) 2- move along a direction in 3D space. 3- combination of both. For mode 1 I don't have problems. but for moving along a direction (toward infinity, until something conditions are met), is there any method to do that? What about the combination of both (e.g going to a specified point in X direction and going along a direction in YZ plane). by XYZ, I mean the coordinates from the base frame.


I think you will need to decompose the Vector you are computing to the 3 planes XZ YZ and XY and move the servos, motors or whatever, the computed angle or distance decomposed in the 3 planes :) Good Luck. And you may give us some more information, microcontroller? do you have an interface HMI?


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