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Hello all!

I haven't posted much lately, and my robotics hobbying has been less active as well because of busy life. I just started university however, and I'd really like to build more again.

That being said, on residence at the university, I'm not allowed a soldering iron. Has anyone been in this situation on gotten around it?

I have done a little Googling on conductive glue, however, I'm not yet sure how plausible it would be, if at all. I can imagine it might be a bit of a mess, and may provide a bit too much unwanted resistance.

Thanks for any help!

No knowledge of conductive glues.

However I'll suggest finding the instructor that teaches any electronics labs and see if you can obtain access to a lab with a soldering iron.
Another is to check for Clubs that have access to an electronics lab. Then you'll meet other 'like minded' people to share experience and brain storming for projects.

Personally, I'd have a soldering iron in a drawer anyways ;).  In particular, one that plugs straight into the wall is nice and compact, rather than a variable-temperature setup...

I'm assuming a similar environment to the dorms I lived in as an undergrad.  Alcohol was banned... but that sure didn't stop my peers from stocking their rooms with such either.  Plus, there's bound to be a first warning and you can plead ignorance to that rule.  We had a similar such rule that prohibited toasters and other heat-generating devices.

That all said, I strongly agree with waltr's suggestions too; networking and working in/for labs adds a ton to the value you get out of college/university.

Razor Concepts:
I am in a similar situation and I kind of go by "if they don't see it, it doesn't exist"  ;)
Hide your iron for dorm inspections, dont burn down your dorm, and you should be good!

Well, alcohol isn't banned, but glass bottles are. (Huzzah for cans! They make for good robot bodies!...)

I'm not so worried about being able to hide it, nor causing a fire, but right above my workspace in my room, there's a nice fat smoke detector that would cause my building and 2 attached buildings to evacuate...not ideal, especially during a bad canadian winter.

I'm actually part of the robotics club, and am quite involved in the CANSAT team. There's definitely people I can ask there about access to the electronics labs for soldering, especially since our meetings are often in some of the labs.



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