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how to store values in avr memory for future use


ram aravind:
 hi.. i m working on a project, i need to follow  a grid and note the points of nodes at the intersections and store those co ordinate values in my avr memory . after which i have use these values to solve the grid again to find a block placed at some intersections.. can i get help reagrding how to store arrays of values in avr memory and to autonomously solve the grid..


First, you need to specify which particular chip you've got - AVR is a controller family, each differently equipped.

Second, you need to specify the max. size of the grid and how many parameters you want to store for each "cell".

(You may need to consider external flash RAM or EEPROM for storage,depending on the grid size).

How many points on the grid, and how much information stored at each point?

EEPROM might be enough.

If not, you'll need to use a SSD card.

For example, I used a card to store several days worth of non-stop data here:


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