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Experts advice on degree choice for robotics

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Hello Everyone,

I am in need of a small favor hopefully someone here can help me out i would greatly appreciate it.

I am trying to get into the field of robotics. I have done a lot of research on what degree i should choose to follow in order to get into robotics and all the research leads me to 3 different degree choices: Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, and Electrical Engineering. The advice i want is I want to know which degree would help me the most get into the robotics field. I have asked many people and i haven't found a solid answer. Some say ME, some say EE, some say CS.

Do any people who have been in the Robotics Industry or experts in robotics know what degree most companies look for? Or do they look more specifically if you have the certain overall skills of the three disciplines mentioned above rather than a specific degree?

Thank you.

P.s. First time on this site and looks like a great community, can't wait to be a part of it.

I will say that most companies will have a team for robot development that consist of people from all three fields. (except change Electrical engineering to Electronic engineering)
Which field do you have the most interest in?

This question comes up of this forum from time to time. Did you search and read what suggestions have been posted before?

The two examples I know of folks working at "real" robotics companies both speak to the necessity of networking and and what you do outside of class.  Both built robots of various sorts periodically through high school and college.  They both studied what they're working on (one electrical, one mechanical), though.  And they both have a passion for that specific part of robotics, though they both dable in all 3 fields as needed.

As waltr said, search the forum for past threads like this.

Which do you prefer to do?

I would recommend you try to pick up as much control system theory and computer science as you can even if you pick up an electrical / mechanical engineering degree.

A fourth option is robotics engineering - there are some schools starting to offer undergraduate degrees that combine the mechanical / electrical / computer science.

yeah well right now i am currently a 2nd year mechanical engineer student, and i have looked around the website, i know the admin of the site is also a mechanical engineer graduate. From the previous post on the forum most of them look to be like i said scattered between EE, ME, and CS, and there is a lot of talk about studying robotics in the graduate level more than the undergraduate level. From the replies it seems like all three are vitally necessary. Thanks guys


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