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What is the most suitable controller for a simple two wheeled robot?



I want to build a simple two wheeled robot with
a few sharp distance sensors for collision avoidance
and some LCD for robot status output. In the future
I'm planning to add Bluetooth support.
I want to know what is the most suitable micro-controller
for my purpose: Axon, Axon II, or Axon Mote?

I see that Axon II is the most expensive micro-controller.
So I'm guessing it is the best there is and I can afford it
but will it suit my purpose?

Axon Mote also looks nice but it works on 3.3 volts
and I can't understand how it can operate 5V servos.

Please, help me selecting a micro-controller for my purpose.

Thanks, in advance,

Please, tell me what LCD works with selected micro-controller.


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