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Working on a complex circuit project, should I hire someone?

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So, I have my 48v3kw 3 phase sensored hub motor that I'm looking at getting a controller for.  I want to be able to control the movement as precisely as possible.  Because of this, almost every motor driver I've seen so far won't really work.  (They're almost entirely go forward, go back.  None allow me to say go forward 1 step.)

I'm familiar with soldering and I'm pretty sure I could print my own circuit board and wire it up given a schematic.  I know, however, that I'm not skilled enough to create this schematic.  Since some of you have probably been here before, how did you handle it?  I was told a system like this is easy for any EE grad, and a simple craigslist post would find me lots of people willing to help, but I'm not sure where the line is drawn between pay and trusting that some rookies design won't fry my expensive motors.

If I did hire someone, I would want to try to get advice on the whole system.  (The powerful drive motor controller, a dual controller to power 2 24v side motors, and a powerful chip to read input from various sensors and trigger the 3 motors as well as accept input from another chip that will control user interaction via bluetooth.)

Thanks for your advice.


--- Quote from: stridera on November 26, 2012, 05:50:11 AM ---If I did hire someone, I would want to try to get advice on the whole system.
--- End quote ---

I assume you are doing this as a commercial enterprise.
You absolutely should hire someone, but not to design a motor driver for you.
You need someone with experience to design a system that incorporates off the shelf components that can be replaced if they fail.

Nope, this is entirely just for fun.

What's the fun in hiring someone? :)

Because, I wouldn't be hiring someone to do the work for me.  I would have them explain every step.   And it's just to make the schematics and be around to answer my questions, not to do the work.

And it's mainly because i really want to be able to step my motor, and I don't know where to get schematics for something similar.  A controller like that is well beyond my ability in electronics, and I know it, but I still want to try.


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