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Kindly help us find Thesis paper about mimicking body parts of human.. this is our first robot to be made, and we don't know much about mimicking and robots.. kindly help us.. :(

we are planning to create a mimicking walking robot, but we can't find any study or sample thesis related to that.. kindly help us.. :) thank you and God bless.. ;)

please help us.. any mimicking body part robot would greatly help us.. :)


What's Your question exactly?

can you help me to find a thesis/journal that have recommendation or future work to be done about mimicking robot.. any body parts will do, please help us.. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS.. :)

So You actualy have a thesis problem to solve. What You need, as far as I understand, is a solution. Am I right? Your project is hard andnlong work so don't expect someone to deliver it for You. What You can expect are answers to some specific questions provided that that You give enoigh information about the problem, which You don't. The more You give, the more You get

$1k can be a lot or not depending on what You have already. Do You have a robot, or do You have to build one Yourself? What motion detection system do You have to use: MoCap suit, video camera, Kinect? Do You have motion capture system, or do have to build it? How complex does Your mirroring system have to be: full body mirroring, one limb mirroring, facial expressions mirroring?

- by newinrobotics


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