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DU-BRO wheels slipping on hubs


sys 49152:
Hello everyone.

I'm working on a robot that uses 4 x 3.5" DU-BRO wheels. The issue I'm having is that the tyres are slipping on the hubs at high load, which stalls the wheel. Is there are way to bond the tyres more firmly to the hubs? I could drive screws through the hubs and into the tyres but that would be so crude.

All advice greatly appreciated.


First I'd try something that is not as damaging as a screw :) I'd go with something like sanding a hub a bit and applying some heavy duty silicon or some sort of bonding agent and then putting tyre on.

sys 49152:
Thanks N.I.R.
I'll have a play with some spare wheels and see what I come up with.


sys 49152:
Well, that wasn't too hard.

I had some 4mm square rubber strip lying about. I wedged a length of this strip between the tyre and the rim on each wheel. Although I only did this on the outside-facing wall it appears to have stopped the tyres slipping.



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