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Robotics for Beginners?

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--- Quote from: Gertlex on December 05, 2012, 01:02:14 PM ---I think you're making the right decision for your case.

The Axon is for robots, the Arduino is for... breadboards.  Thus, the Arduino is better suited for most 'makers', and thus it's going to be more widely used regardless of added effect of popularity.

In all likelihood, if you get addicted to the hobby, you'll end up with multiple MCU boards anyways :)

Have fun!...

--- End quote ---

I see. I think I'll learn the broader one first (Arduino), so that I'm not limited to robots only..
Thanks for the input :)

--- Quote from: waltr on December 05, 2012, 07:33:14 PM ---Yep, the Arduino for you.
Also check at Adafruit and SparkFun for Arduino shields (boards that plug onto the Arduino ) and lots of other nifty sensors, gadgets, tutorials and ideas.

--- End quote ---

Great. I have checked out those websites before and they are sure very handy.
Thank you so much waltr for all your comments/inputs/suggestions/answers!
You are very helpful :)

I have asked the Arduino store on the stock of the Arduino Starter Kit, and I'm waiting for their reply now..
So excited! ;D


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