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i want to make a robot that can clean d floors........kinda d roombha ;) but d problem is that how do i map d room ???? so tat it knows that it has cleaned this part of d room already......
so far i m familiar with d arduino n 8051 microcontrollers....... n electronics
plz hlp me
thanks in advance  :D!

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if this project is not suitable for me as i am a newbie...... :-\ plzz atleast tell me ...... n plz do suggest robotic projects of my level.....  :D

Mapping a room while you're moving about it is called "SLAM" (for "Simultaneous Locating and Mapping" IIRC.)

There are some functions to do SLAM in the ROS toolkit. It requires a lot more computing power than an 8051 or Arduino will have, though. Perhaps you could do it with a Raspberry Pi, or a small PC.

If you're not a skilled software developer, though, then this is probably not something you can achieve yet. It's pretty gnarly stuff.

[email protected]:
thnx.... alot for replying :D i m jus a starter ....... bt i wud keep track of d words u said....... n try can any one suggest any good robotic projects...... n more information on mapping would be appreciated....... :) awesum site n awesum users ;)

IMO it's best to start with switches on a bumper(goes straight until bumper hits, then turns).
as you get deeper into the project you could add mapping.



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