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[email protected]:
can any one help me out with the wavefront algorithm
i read it in the tutorials bt could nt properly understand..... :(
i want to implement it on arduino.......
so plz can any one help me n tell this in more detail............. the programming part

By "wavefront algorithm" I assume you mean a breadth-first graph search.

What, particularly, do you have problems with?
How to represent the search space?
How to mark nodes as searched?
How to manage the search list?
Something else?

[email protected]:
the algorithm......... i cant understand how does it locate it self.......????
robotics is very new to me so....... i cud not understand how it locates itself??? how does it create d map??? plzz hlp..... :(

The wavefront algorithm, if it is what I think it is, requires a map to already exist.
Maps can be built by hand, or they can be constructed on-the-fly by a sufficiently advanced robot using a technique called SLAM (simultaneous locating and mapping.)

To understand how this works, you need to understand some amount of physics and mechanics, and a pretty large amount of computer science and math. If you do not have that knowledge already, then the fastest way to understand it is probably to study up on those areas first.

[email protected]:
i understood now that map is pre made and robot goal and robot location are marked........... i understood the algorithm now but my question is how to feed  that map into robot's microcontroller?? in wriiten words??????


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