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hey guys plz help.............. i noe my questions may be stupid as m a newbie......... i need clear guidance in this algorithm......  :) plz reply soon.......

I think you are trying to do something that you are not ready for.
You need to first learn the following things:
- software engineering
- the programming language used by your microcontroller
- linear algebra
- 3D graphics or mechanics
After you have learned those things, you should be capable of coming up with a map representation that suits your needs, or at least understand the answer when someone answers.

The exact map parameterization you use depends on what source data is available, and what kind of queries the robot code is going to make.
For example, kD-trees are pretty efficient for many spatial queries, and is one of the first representations I'd try.

You gotta wonder if the current Robot Operating Systems (ROS) available would give
people with entry level skills the ability to implement these types of applications.



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