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Newbie needs advise: Cooperative algo


Hi all Snr,

  Have joined this forum but have not been active as busy figuring out what type of robot to build with all the distractions around me. Finally, i had managed to find pockets of time to do some thinking. My goal is to build two robots that cooperatively come together to solve a goal. As a matter of fact, it is also part of the robotics competition which i am aiming for, not for the award but more for the passion and interest . :D

  I do hope someone here can show me some light on how to build simple cooperative robots especially on the software algorithm. Have been reading up but i think my knowledge is quite shallow. my goal is to build two cooperative robots to collect color pellets within a stipulated frame of time.

 Thanks and look forward to any comments/advise. Appreciate! :D

Start by building one robot that can collect pellets. That in itself will give you lots of things to learn
Then re-design and build two robots that can collect pellets.
Make to communicate to each other while collecting pellets.
Last, learn to make them cooperate.

There are quite a few university paper on the subjects. Spend some time searching and reading.

Should both of the robots collect pellets or are you also considering one robot as the moving container, to which the other one is throwing in collected stuff :) ?
Are there any restrictions?
You could make a vacuum-bot which would suck all the pellets in few seconds  :o


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