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--- Quote from: arigid on December 11, 2012, 04:15:54 PM ---I bought the Sparkfun Transmitter/receiver pair(434MHz).
Could it be possible to hook up the transmitter, such that it takes in a digital input(limit switch), without using a micro.
And send a signal to the receiver which gives a digital output!?

--- End quote ---
Yes, either use a monoflop to pulse the transmitter input high for a given time, or the same, but modulate the input with eg. 1..2kHz for that  period - A 4093 (and a few passives) is all it takes.
On the receiver side look for a signal that mimicks the transmitted signal.
If you need to discriminate in crowded air, a little more circuitry could be used to generate a more stable frequency of the modulation (x-tal or ceramic resonator) and a PLL tone decoder (like LM567) at the receiver end can be used to confirm the signal.

Want it fancier? Transmit one or a few DTMF tones instead, but that's more circuitry in both ends.


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