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Removing parts from real car


my car is going to the graveyard soon, I started thinking is there any parts I might want to remove. I have made one little robot and some arduino projects. I just started thinking is there anything I might want to take for myself from the car. Thank you!

There's catalyst (if there is one) that can be sold as it contains some precious metals. Depending on the year and make it might have electric power-steering column which inside has massive motor and torque sensor (quite expensive part for hobby projects.), also, car has wiper motors, fans, many switches, relays, fuses and loads of wires and LEDs/light bulbs. All control circuits are of no use, unless You're willing to de-solder tons of resistors, transistors and capacitors. All embedded circuits/controllers are not useful as they are most likely made for that specific circuit, hence cannot be reused/reprogrammed using available hobby programmers. Using scrapped car and some bought/built control circuitry You can probably make decent battle-bot or something similar.

The speakers can make good robot mouths.
As can the horn :-)

Further possible motors, actuators and sensors:
Power windows (one in each door)
Central locking motors (one in each door)
Solenoid latch in trunk
Head lamp heihgt adjust motors
Power mirror adjusters
Roof window motor(s)
Automatic anti glare rear view mirror
ISM (idle stepper) and a few other goodies in the EFI system. like a platinum air mass detector
Starter motor and solenoid
Fuel pump
Hydraulic pump motor(s)
Ignition coil
Knock sensor(s)
Oxygen sensor
Power electronics parts in the ECU (integrated or discreete H-bridges)


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