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moving mannequin help please!!


So I'm kindof a prankster... and I sometimes take my pranks too far... lol.. :P I'm going to have 40 acres of land pretty soon with a private dead end road.. I live in WY and my family lives in SD.. Heres what I was thinking... For the first time they come to visit me, I'm going to have a guard shack constructed at the entrance to my property with human looking robot personnel dressed in swat gear with rifles in their arms and whatnot... I have done some research and know nothing about robotics, but I am excited and think it would be a great hobby to get into.. I was hoping for some genius to pitch in and give me some ideas here because I am totally new to this.. But heres my idea.. I don't need anything fancy, just a neck/head that would move autonomously.. I want it to move about randomly without having to be controlled by myself. This would allow me to put on a pro silicone mask and be the primary guard that my parents/victims converse with. (The rest of the guards will be in the background, 2 set up to look like theyre talking to each other, one sitting while typing on a computer, and maybe a couple standing at attention with their back against the wall. I do not neccessarily need any facial expressions, although that would be great to have. All I need is to make the person look alive, like theyre standing there looking around a bit. I plan on using a pro silicone mask (which look freakishly real and clings to your face and moves with your expressions)   so therefore the head on my robot doesnt have to have features because the head and neck will be covered by the silicone mask.. Heres my idea.. wowwee robotics makes an elvis robot which consists of a torso and head/neck. It has an autonomous setting which is exactly what i need and also its plug and play so i can plug it into the wall and just leave it on for countless hours. I would just have to put a pro silicone mask on him, affix this to a static body of some sort but it would have to be able to be locked in place so it could stand and hold a rifle and preferably have hands that can be formed to grip things so that I could put a rifle in its hands.. My question is.... is it easy and cheap to build a robot and what are the steps as well as where/what do I have to buy to do this? I did a little digging and from what i understand, i need 2 servos for the neck for an up and down and side to side axis and then some kind of programmer where i can program a pattern for it.. Im sure I could figure out a way to make the head and neck, its mainly the robotics part that im unsure of. Any help would be awesome!! Thanx!! ps... heres a 30 second youtube video that will show you exactly what i need, but cant be bought as far as I know..  Momo moving mannequin guard    newbie Forrest

That can totally be done, assuming you have the budget and patience.

I'd probably start with poseable mannequins as used in clothes stores, and then add some stepper or servo motors to move the poseable limbs. Use something simple like an Arduino to control the motor controllers that control the steppers/servos. Rig up an intercom to speak through the guy.

Thanx man!!


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