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latest Big Dog video, quieter, voice commanded, amazing pathfinding


It appears to be quieter, although that could just be video editing magic. The details say as loud as a vacuum cleaner . . .

It also appears to now be voice commanded, and can autonomously follow a moving target in a heavily cluttered environment.

And it has a steal roll-cage around it now. I'm guessing it had some 'accidents' during previous testing . . .

details here:

LS3 Follow Tight

I'm pretty sure it can get up if it falls on its side, and the roll cage helps with that.  Was another vid that I vaguely recollect.

That looks pretty cool!

It can't squeeze its body like a real animal yet, I guess? Also, they should cross-breed this with the EATR, and soon we'll have an adequate replacement for a horse! ;-)

"LS3 carry nuke"


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