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DTMF chips from phones for remote control.


I recently read a document on using the DTMF (Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency) chip from old cordless phones to make an eight to twelve channel remote control and I thought this sounded really cool, but I am not very good at removing ICs from PCBs, so I was wondering if anyone knew a better way to get them for almost no money?

polar bear6:
where did you find that document, i would very much like to read it.

and removing stuff from PCB's can easily be done with a heat blow gun.

it would be really great if you could post a link to that document...

Those hot air guns are expensive (although I admit to having one), and it would probably be much easier and cheaper to just order the IC's you are looking for . . .

You could also physically cut the IC off the board (taking some of the board with it), and then solder to the leads.

Polarbear6, I cannot recall where I found the document, but I will have another look for you.

Admin, thanks for the cutting idea, I had not ever thought of that!

I found the page for you Polarbear6, here it is.


Have fun.


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