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Webbotlib device accellerator MMA7260 code MMA7361 compatible ?


I just ordered a MMA7361 triple axis acccellerator but did not realise it about its suppport in C of with Webbotlib.
I found a library for the Arduino though. I saw the MMA7260 library in the Webbotlib can it be used with the MMA7361 ?

First place to start for an answer is to compare the interface specs in the data sheets for those two chips. If they both have the same registers at the same addresses then the same code should work.

Thanks I will check the registers !  :D

Its an ADC device not an I2C device.
Quick inspection of the datasheet shows that it works pretty much the same and the mV/g is the same.

Just had it today in my mailbox, no time to experiment jet, ofcourse I will share the results.. Thanks for checking.


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