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I am currently an undergraduate student who wishes to apply for grad school next autumn. I want to study Robotic (in particular the Computer Science side of it) and/or machine learning / vision as I have a big interest in all three areas. I have averaged since first year a high first (converted to roughly 4.0 according to wikipedias conversion but more less the top 3 or so in my year consistently). As all students know, college can be expensive so I have had 3 summer internships to help me get through - all of which have been in the top investment bank but not exactly related to robotics and vision.

I also do work on robotics projects outside of college with a research group and aam looking to spend a few weeks this summer in a research group at another university. Finally I have a few other things on my CV like captaining the universities programming team in a national and international event (although not winning either times :( ).

I realise that there an prodigy kids all over the world aiming for CMU and Caltech and what not, but has anyone any suggestion of really good universities in the areas, which I might have best odds with or even anything I could do to improve my position before next year?

Any advice would be massively appreciated. Also I am new to this forum so if this isnt an appropriate topic just let me know and I will remove it. Thanks

This should help you some . . .

Thanks a lot this really has helped  :)


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