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Need advice and clarification on Wire Connector Tutorial

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Inigo Montoya:
First  I would like to say I am incredibly grateful for the wire connector tutorial (http://www.societyofrobots.com/electronics_wire_connector.shtml), this website has been an great inspiration to me.  I have had some confusion following in the author's footsteps.  Mouser.com returns 6610 pin and socket connectors, and digikey.com is an ocean of parts and it's way too easy to get lost because I've never done this before.  No single manufacturer seems to have all the parts I need, and I'm concerned that they won't work with each other.

The tutorial has links for the female pins, and for connectors with 2, 3, and 4-pin housings.  Very handy, but I had a difficult time finding the other ones, and I found myself wishing for a bit more comprehensive list of links.  Specifically, I am looking for the link for the proper male pin that is shown in the tutorial near the end, as well as 1-pin, 5-pin, 6-pin, 7-pin and 8-pin housings.  Sounds simple, but I got lost, especially looking for the 1-pin housing, and the male pins.

Also, would Digikey be a good supplier to Canada?  Any Canadians out there who can attest to which supplier is best in your opinion?

I think what you are looking for are these:


you can break off as many male pins as needed for a particular header.

I have also bought something similar from spark fun.

I am in the states, so I cannot comment on shipping to Canada.

Inigo Montoya:
Thanks for the link I will add it to my list of useful links.  I haven't even thought of those, that was not what I was thinking about when I said male pins.  If you see the second-last and third last image on the tutorial, that is what I mean by male pins.  They attatch to wires by crimping in the same way as their female counterparts, and are also permanently inserted into the rectangular housing.  What I am looking for is more links to these:


as well as the male crimp pins.  1 conductor ones, and the higher ones like 5, 6, 7 and 8 I couldn't find.  Well, I did find some, but I have no idea if they are interchangeable with that style of pin, I read somewhere that there can be incompatibility issues with pins and housings.  I hope that clears things up.

Goto the DigiKey page you linked to. Scroll down in the produce description to "Mating "Products".
The first one is what I think you want.

Inigo Montoya:
Thanks for your post Waltr.  I went through all the "mating products" links and couldn't find what I was looking for.  I will try to explain what I'm trying to find in pictures.

See what is connected to the end of the yellow cord?  That is what I am searching for.  It's the male version of the following on the white cable:

Also, the tutorial has links to buy connectors with 2pins, 3pins and 4pins.  Look at the picture below to see the power LED connectors, they are 1-pin connectors and I can't find that on digikey.  A am also looking to find 5 pin and 6 pin connectors if possible.

My concern is that not all such mating pins and black housings are compatible.  In the tutorial there is a metal tab on the pin that connects to the black plastic part, and to disconnect it one must press on that same metal tab.  (See picture below.)  On some of the similar connectors that I removed from old computer parts, it's instead a plastic tab that needs to be moved.  I'm concerned that various pins and housings may not be interchangeable.  Does anyone have any advice about this?


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