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Waterproofing robot with removable panels

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Hi everyone,

I am trying to figure out the best way to waterproof my robot with removable panels.  The panels are held in place by wing nuts and are removable for easy access to electronics and what not.  I'm considering use silicone sealant (caulk) and just cutting it from the panel so the silicone doesn't adhere to the panel.  This seems like an unconventional way.  Do you guys think this would work or do you have any better suggestions.



smear a thin film of oil, butter, or similar, that the sealant won't adhere to on one of the mating faces and make sure that the thickness of the sealant is kept fairly equal all way 'round.
1..3mm should do, depending on the hardness (shore) of the sealant.
Test first with some scrap.

Is it to be used in water or just to be protected from sprays?

Ok thanks a lot Soeren.  Yeah I guess a better term would be 'water resistant'.  It only needs to be protected from splashes not complete submersion in water.

THere is a "grease" known as TEF GEL. It is used in sail boat construction to lube surfaces exposed continuously to water. For example, the bearing surfaces on deck that hold the rigging at the deck and atop the mast. This material is designed to be non corrosive and extremely tenacious.  A testament to its longevity, I recently completed a trip from San Francisco to Hawaii and back. The TEF GEL applied on surfaces that were submerged a lot of the time is still there.
It is teflon based and I am not sure of the liquid carrier. It does not evaporate and is insulating.  I have applied it to large servos as well as boat rigging, all operate in salt water.

Good luck.


--- Quote --- It does not evaporate and is insulating
--- End quote ---

The information on claims it is *not* an electrical insulator, and it does not increase resistance of contacts "even at several hundred amps." (Paraphrased -- resistance isn't *usually* modeled as current-dependent anyway ...)


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