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Autonomous Mobile Plotter Robot @Kurukshetra 13!


Autonomous Mobile Plotter Robot

“How often people speak of art and science as though they were two entirely different things with no interconnection!!!” – Isaac Asimov

The heated dispute between science and art has been prevalent since time immemorial; but do you imagine what it would be like if these two can function together revealing a new purpose to both?
Come to Kurukshetra and seek an answer!!! Warm greetings to the 2-D plotter workshop!!
Back with a bang, this edition of Kurukshetra introduces to you this exceptional workshop, training you to construct an autonomous mobile plotting robot that can portray patterns with no boundaries, but for the imagination of the designer. Anything that excites your imagination from ordinary lines and circles to stunning designs and complex figures can be given vitality with this plotter. It can draw with a high precision and hardly any difficulty on par with the industrial standards. This workshop will give you a concise idea about the application of microcontrollers, mobile robot building techniques and simple coding techniques. Here we give you a golden chance to experience the joy of creation in devising your own two-dimensional plotting robot as you fancy.

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