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Firstly, hello all, and thank you for being here !
I am a self confessed complete beginner to getting my computer to talk to the outside world, also to the world of RC.

Here's how I arrvied here ...
I currently plug my DSLR into my laptop via USB, using Canon utilties (running on windows) that came with the camera (400D), and I am able to control exposure, shutter speed, flash and a whole host of other functions.

What I would ideally like, is to be able to control all these intricate functions via Radio Control.
So 'all I am asking' is to  take the USB output of my pc, transmit those signals across the room, and have a receiver pick up those exact signals and feed them into my camera's USB.

wire > radio waves > back to wire.

Yup, I thought it might be simple !

As it stands after several days of googling .... this is turning into an absolute nightmare.
I am even prepared to have a second laptop at the receving end of the system if need be ... but even then I am struggling to find a solution.

Can anyone point me in a good direction on this ?

Many thanks


Have you try Wireless USB

A wireless USB transmitter/hub is likely to be the simplest way to do it.

If you want to do it yourself, then you need to find a microcontroller that can work as a USB host, and also receive a wireless transmission (possibly through XBee or similar,) and can then translate between USB and radio. Then, on the computer side, you need a similar microcontroller, that can pretend to be the camera on the USB bus, and send the commands it gets to the other end.

Also note that, if you want to transfer images rather than just control signals, the bandwidth of most simple wireless systems (XBee etc) is not as high as that of the USB bus.

I just wanted to appologise for taking so long to pass on my thanks for the replies :(

It's going to take me a while to get my head around all that is involved, but this is good materrial for me to chew on.

Just FYI,
Looking at the complications/limitations of wirelss USB, another option occured to me.

Bigger robot, with a 2nd hand netbook onboard.
3g Broadband card to the internet, USB to camera.
Given that an old netbook could be had for what, £50?,  a dongle not much more - though then there are the PAYG/Monthly charges :(

Obvious restrictions on having a good signal etc ... but worth considering.


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