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Would you buy this robot?

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Hi guys. I need some help. I built a robot as a part of my college studies, and now im using this same robot as a selling product for my economy subject. My teacher ask me to do a market validation for my product, to know the viability of it.
So, Im asking you; Would you buy this robot? And how much would you pay for it?


- 7 DOF arm (5DOF), mobile base (2DOF)
- Wireless Control with serial communication
- Wireless camera
- Control the exact angle of 1,2,4,5 DOF
- ON / OFF control of 3,6,7 DOF
- Maximum range control distance, 100 meters outdoors, 30 meters indoor
- Maximum weight lifted 1.2 Lb


-Apply your knowledge in programming of computer vision, tracking objects and other

-Just to play

-whatever you want

If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions, please say them.

Robot is not finished in the picture, it just goes to show progress

Thanks all

If it's just for hobby purposes, I'd pay maybe $200 for it, somewhat depending. And I might buy it just for the parts :-)

If it could actually /solve a problem I have/ I'd probably pay a lot more.


ok , thanks really .   :)

Does anyone else have anything to say?

Nice hand ! May be a how to ?

No I wouldn't buy it.
With such a small mobile base I see it falling over and breaking or hurting someone.


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