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passing micro-amps through a diode with high efficiency?

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--- Quote from: jwatte on January 07, 2013, 11:18:38 AM ---Where on the spectrum of "eating ice cream" vs "milking a cow" do you want to fall?

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pardon? ???

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How much of a ready product are you looking for? You can buy assembled battery-and-generator-and-harvester packs off the shelf. You can buy the parts and plug them together. You can buy the ICs and make your own PCB. Or you can design and build your own from discrete components.

Are you looking to get a working energy harvester to use in a project? Then buy a ready-made one! Are you looking to solve a design challenge? Then build your own starting with raw silicon crystals :-) Or do you have a particular reason to fall in the middle of that spectrum, where you won't just buy one off the shelf?

The simile I used was between starting from scratch (milking the cow; building diodes from silicon) versus just enjoying the finished product (eating ice cream; buying an off-the-shelf micro-energy harvesting solution.)

Also, out of curiousity: What's your energy source? Vibration? Heat differential? Stray magnetics from nearby power lines? :-)


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