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I am writing you this forum to see if there is anyone who can help me to find (even used) the Evolution Robotics ER1 robot kit, I need disperatamenta the complete structure: the RCM module, the battery module, motors and sensors. I am in possession of the Mini Book (cappuccino) and software ER1.
Thanks to all

You are in luck, there is one for sale on ebay:

The ER1 remains a very capable robotic platform and is perhaps the best bang-for-the-buck deal available.  I'm sure you will be well pleased with it.


PS - I would strongly advise upgrading the camera to a more modern device with a wider Field Of View, higher resolution and better low light response.  The performance increase is well worthwhile.

thank you for the great suggestions for the ER1, but I did not solve my problem because the Ebay seller does not ship to Europe and I live in Italy.


All may not be lost!  Contact the seller and ask him to make an exception for you.  I have had good luck in the past convincing sellers to ship outside their listed areas.  They want to sell and you want to buy - its a good match. 

It helps if you have a good ebay feedback score and an existing account with PayPal or Bill Me Later.  Assure him that you will pay all the shipping costs.



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