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Leg design sketchups:

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Attached are two images of the sketchup I have been playing with..  first one has the leg curled under the base, second one has it extended.  Both of these have segment rotation under 60 degrees, and I am hoping once I get a bit more planning done, to start building the structure..  then hook in servo's, batteries, program it and make it move! 

We will see though..

Comments are appreciated :)


Since you asked for comments . . .

I recommend avoiding the use of those gears for two reasons: gear meshing is hard to get right, and gear efficiency will kill ~10% of your servo strength.

I didnt see your battery yet, just remember to keep it low.

I just realized this post was also yours:
(good to keep them together)

I like the way you positioned the legs under the robot - this allows for efficient walking. With your leg design, when the legs are straight vertical your servos require zero torque. Use this to your advantage.

I'd try to steer well away from that design if I were you to be honest.

Try modyfying slightly something that has already been done.


--- Quote ---I'd try to steer well away from that design if I were you to be honest.
--- End quote ---

Well ive been having this idea lately that I havnt been able to fiddled around with much but I guess I have nothing to lose by mentioning it..

My idea was to create a tendon system for the limbs. basically a cable like the ones used for bicycle brakes would be anchored at the tip of the last digit of the limb and then again to an actuator or a servo that winds up the cable. Each limb would require at least 2 but could implement 4 for multiple axis control.

basically creating a finger. at each 90? angle, there would be a cable running through its entirety. Just like a tendon in your finger. That way, instead of having a bulky servo sticking out of the side of the leg, its all concealed in the robots body, hiding behind the curtain pulling all the strings. literally. It works in my mind and im very very confident id be able to do it.... but I simply dont have the resources  :'( :'( :'(

Think of the way muscles work. When you move your arm up, theres 2 muscles working. 1 is pushing, and 1 is pulling. Thats basically exactly what my idea would play on. Maybe one day ill draw up some CAD designs... the blue prints look really awesome in my head..... anyone know where I can get a Neural Downloader? :-P


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