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Is Fortran extinct?

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SciLab and Octave are free open-source "equivalents" of Matlab, however, as far as I know, not as feature rich.

For system and apps I use C/Python.

For UI I use

The most recent application that I did was RFID reader/processor written in Python with UI written in C#.

For most purposes it's ancient and obsolete, and not worth learning beyond historically understanding how low-level languages worked. The C language was the next evolution.

That said, there are supposedly still functional legacy systems out there that run Fortran. Most of the original Fortran programmers are retired/dead, so I hear those that are still around get paid pretty well to maintain those systems. :P

This page has comments that sorta contradict what I said, and is worth reading:


--- Quote from: Hawaii00000 on January 08, 2013, 11:44:42 PM ---Anyone use Fortran on a daily basis?

--- End quote ---

I haven't seen Fortran since I took the class in college...and that was a long time ago...seriously....before you were born if you're just starting school.
I have not once seen a job posting requesting Fortran nor met anyone that claims to use it in industry. Maybe in academia.

That said, it's not a total waste. The skills you learn in Fortran will benefit you regardless of what language you actually use in the real world. Mostly you're learning how to think logically. Fortran is as good as the next language for that. Too bad though the specific knowledge you learn will go in the trash can on your way out after the final exam.


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